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Essex Indians is a community group with a vision of spreading cultural, social, mental and physical wellbeing within community especially between second-generation Asian children. The idea is to increase awareness of cultural heritage among young adults. Members of Essex Indians believe -“what had been inherited should not be consumed but should be handed over, possibly enriched to successive generations”.

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Trustees of Essex Indians are responsible for the charity. They are committed to the visions of charity

Essex Indians charity is home to Indian diaspora living in Essex and beyond. It's charity which focuses on physical and mental well-being of community through regular events related to culture and wellbeing. It gives a feel of togetherness and belonging .

Essex Indians we, as a group of professionals living in Essex , have joined together to promote and support the British Indian heritage in art, culture, and maintaining physical and mental well-being . We grew up in India and hugely appreciative of the depth and variety of arts and culture that has evolved in India . It is important that as a global citizen living in UK today, next generation also experience cultures from their roots and this will help them to imbibe cultures if both east and west .

Trustees and General Secretaries

Anirban Mandal
(General Secretary)

Dipankar Mukhopadhyay

Upal Banerjee

Arpita Roy

Biplab Rakshit

Sujata Das

Chinu Kishore