Essex Indians is a community group with a vision of spreading cultural, social, mental and physical wellbeing within community especially between second-generation Asian children. The idea is to increase awareness of cultural heritage among young adults and developing a sense of giving back to community locally and globally. Essex Indians is a member of Basildon Billericay Wickford Council of Voluntary services. Members of Essex Indians believe -“what had been inherited should not be consumed but should be handed over, possibly enriched to successive generations”. A group of like-minded professionals established Essex Indians in 2010. They wanted to develop a culture of charity fund raising by community-based project and increasing awareness about their culture and heritage. In 2010, 22nd May, we organised first fund raising programme East Meets West at May flower Hall Billericay and we continued the journey. Since then Essex Indians has expanded its cultural and social contribution to the community locally and globally. East meets West concert has completed its successful sixth year. Since 2014 we have started a new project called Uttorsuri - Generation Next, a cultural event, highlighting the performance of Essex Indians adult and children. We hosted athletic events locally for last two years, which were well received by the community. 2015 was a great year for us because of cultural achievements. We showcased three dramas in prestigious drama festival A seasons of Bangla Drama organised by Tower Hamlet Council. We have managed to donate over twenty thousand pounds to different causes over a period of five years. We will continue with our journey for years to come.


Essex-Indians has evolved immensely in last two years. We are one of the leading community group in East London and Essex. We are part of Basildon Council Diversity forum. Our regular activities involve Health and fitness awareness programme, language clubs for adult and children. We have recently conducted a basic life support course for children and non medical adults. Essex Indians has significant number of members from medical community. They take a lead role in conducting this course.


Essex-Indians have introduced Durga puja festival in Essex. So 2016 was an eventful year. Diwali event East Meets West is a well established community event and attracts national participation. Essex Indians community group has created a cultural platform for Indian diaspora and their children in Essex, East London and beyond. Membership benefits include free entry and participation to all community events organised by us.

Trustees and Executive Committee

  • Dipankar Mukhopadhyay
    - Chairman

  • Anirban Mandal
    - General Secretary

  • Upal Banerjee
    - Treasurar

  • Biplab Rakshit
    - Trustee

  • Arpita Ray
    - Cultural Secretary